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This site is still under construction !
Since my early childhood I have been a very active


I'm listening frequently inbetween 10kHz-30MHz.

But I also have equipment for up to 3.15 GHz.

My AOR AR-5001DX.

A great receiver that can receive from 40 kHz to 3.15 GHz !

If you are looking for a stand alone panadapter, do not look any further and contact Heinz Stampfl HB9KOC in Switzerland !

Even today in the age of the SDR receivers it is still good to have a Timewave DSP filter in the shack...


CommRadio CR-1a

My CommRadio CR-1a a very small and also extremely good DSP receiver. It really fits in every pocket and is therefore my main mobile receiver.Small but with the reception power of a big station receivers !


SDR Receiver.

I use the Perseus with SDR Console, much better than the original PERSEUS CONTROL SOFTWARE...


Active Antenna Signal Splitter

My active antenna signal splitter "AntennaJet AAS300DP" is splitting the signal from one antenna to 3 different receivers simultaneous.

It is actually built by Dipl.Ing.(TU) Rudolf Ille and not by Bonito, they just stick their logo on it...

The AntennaJet has a wideband (>300MHz) and ultra low noise amplifier and can share one antenna up to 3 different receivers which can be tuned to fully different Frequencies, without switching the antenna cable or even pressing a button



As Antennas I use

  For 10KHz-30MHz  I use a RF Systems DX-One Professional, Mini Whip,  Wellbrook 1530+ and a 45m longwire.

For above 30 MHz I use a Dressler ara 900, Hamtronic DX-HT701 and some other very special Antennas... ;)


Over the years I had a lot of RX in my Shack !


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