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Burn Fat Not Fuel 2

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 It was planed to build a 7m long and 2.50m wide boat that is powered by a pedal drive and an e-motor as backup!

There are so many places to discover in Europe.

The River Rhine, the River Mosel, the Danube River the Mediterranean Shoreline, the Baltic Sea, the Lake Inari, the Rivers & Lakes of Scandinavia, the Rivers of France & Holland, and the Rivers and Lakes of Poland & Russia ...

And there is always the possibility to ship the boat in a container to Canada or the USA!

There I would have endless possibilities with such a boat like the Great Lakes, the Inter Coastal Waterway, the Inside Passage etc...



For a long time I postponed the project because of the costs and I still have to do it...

It is just way to expensive to build a boat like that in Germany. The prices in Germany for the construction of such a small boat are just crazy...


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The idea is to build a boat that should be ecologically and ecnomically perfect. Unfortunately this is not possible in Germany, so I can only hope that I can find such a boat somewhere used ...

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Many years ago I tried to build a foot pedal boat in Malaysia with a friend. Everything was ready to go, but then the German customs has prevented it, because of there extreme high import tax for such a boat ....

But importing a micro cat from the USA or Canada is now much easier!


After extensive research, I now believe a small micro-cruise catamaran would be a better fit for my travel style!

Especially since this type of boats are for sale from time to time.

Their second-hand prices are far below those of new builds.


In the US & Australia they are more often for sale, here in Europe it will be hard to find one...

Those boats are better known as pocket cruiser, micro cruiser or micro cat.


A self-build is unfortunately out of question, because I have neither the space nor the tools and unfortunately not the knowledge or ability to build such a boat !

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A boat like this is not comparable to the catamarans I have built for the Yukon River !

© Copyright by Ch. Breier© Copyright by Ch. Breier

Converting a boat to meet my needs, on the other hand is no problem for me, I've done it before with my first


© Copyright by Ch. Breier© Copyright by Ch. Breier


If any of you have any info or advice on such a small catamaran or would like to support the project, or if one has a Micro Crusing Catamaran for sale please contact me !


I can't travel in the next years anyway, because of my mother's and my brother's health, so I will give this project some years!

This is a realistic time to do some good research and get a good and sturdy boat.


It is not common at all that people share details about their boat building. Unfortunately, some people are only record hunters and self-exposers.These people are no real travelers and they make a secret out of their boats for fear of competitors...

Therefore a big thank you to:

Klaus Metz



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Davey Duplessis


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Maciej Stański


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Thanks for sharing all the info about your boats.

You guys are real travelers!

I really appreciate it!


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Only those who risk going too far, will discover how far they can go!

Expedition in USA, Alaska & Canada, Scandinavia with folding boat, motorboat, catamaran, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, bicycle ...